Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Walk On, Buy

90 minutes of the bizarre and beautiful (and often experimental) world of classic golden-age (50s/60s/70s) advertising music and industrial musicals. With Raymond Scott, Herb Pilhofer, Barry Gray, 5th Dimension, and many more unsung creatives who birthed beguiling and bizarre music about atomic power, automobiles, washing powder, colas, bathrooms of the future, silicone, etc.
Some rarer than others - and often very sample-worthy (both Scott and Pilhofer have been sampled, most notably by J Dilla). There's 60+ pieces of music woven here, but I'll be more than happy to provide any info on any of the sounds and songs herein if requested.
I'd wanted to do this for a while, though I don't really expect or imagine many people sitting down and listening to it.  The idea literally came to me in the night, when I woke just with the title, which is pretty dumb wordplay.  I've collected industrial musicals for years, and I'm a huge fan of Raymond Scott and Herb Pilhofer.  Also, the music is often incredibly good (sometimes almost mindblowing - Chevrolet's album from 1975 is amazing) and, considering a lot of it sounds like the ideas of a future that never actually happened ("Bendix 2" by Scott is a good example of this), I think that basically makes this music hauntology, or at least hauntology-adjacent.  I hope someone enjoys the mix!

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