Monday, September 7, 2020

Arc Of A Journey


w/ Broadcast, The Zodiac, The Chocolate Watchband, Ennio Morricone, The United States Of America, Stu Phillips, Bruno Nicolai, Basil Kirchin, Elephant's Memory, Nino Nardini, Springfield Rifle, Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza;, The Greek Fountains, Piero Umiliani, Raymond Scott, Fred Weinberg, Hal Blaine, more - complete tracklist to come

Attends Ou Va-t'en


w/ Belbury Poly, Vanishing Twin, White Noise, Claude Perraudin, The United States Of America, France Gall, Jane Weaver, Stereolab, Death And Vanilla, Os Mutantes, Ash Ra Tempel, Ian Neal, The Focus Group, Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Broadcast, Imitation Electric Piano, Pram, Arthur Verocai, Christophe, Roedelius, Stringtronics, Vangelis, Brigitte Bardot, The Memory Band, Robert Julian Horky, Seeland & The Advisory Circle, Suzanne Doucet, Modular, Merit Hemmingson, Pierre Arvay, Moon Wiring Club, James Asher, Lallo Gori, + more

Step Beyond


w/ Beautify Junkyards, Vanishing Twin, Stereolab, Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Kaleidoscope, Toby Twirl, The Greg Foat Group, Adrian Younge, David Axelrod, Jack Arel, The Superimposers, Amon Duul II, Novi Singers, Peter Thomas Sound Orchester, Syd Dale, Pierre Cavalli, Neal Hefti, Paul Mauriat, Peaking Lights, Freedom Power, Mariah, Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble, Bob James, Novi Singers, Catharsis, Claude Perraudin, Piero Piccioni, The Pawnshop, Le Systeme Crapoutchik, Christophe, L'augmentation, Spratleys Japs, April March & Aquaserge, + more (tracklist to come)

Monday, August 17, 2020

The Dreamer Flies Back


1. Inside Luckmoore (Cavern Of Anti-Matter)
2. Shonen (Mariah)
3. Telegraph Is Calling (The Pawnshop)
4. Death Dies (Goblin)
5. The Dreamer Flies Back (Forever Amber)
6. O Relogio (Os Mutantes)
7. Winter Rhombic/The Dress Perspective (Cavern Of Anti-Matter)
8. Jaune (Philippe Besombes)
9. Un Noel 67 (Serge Gainsbourg)
10. Al-Vida (Sohail Rana)
11. Batterie Field (Pierre Raph)
12. My Shade (The Pawnshop)
13. Er Is Geen Reden (Dany Martin)
14. L'alibi (Shake No 1) (Ennio Morricone)
15. Rose (Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra)
16. Walking In The Dark (Stefano Torossi)
17. Pop Medievale (Narassa & Zanagoria)
18. Profil Interne (Jean-Jacques Perrey)
19. Melancholy Moog (John Fiddy & Norman Candler)
20. Ramps Walk (Operatingtheatre)
21. ZinZan's Avec Moi (Cavern Of Anti-Matter)
22. Wide Open Space Motion (Klaus Weiss)
23. Neuschnee (Neu!)
24. Modern Kosmology (Jane Weaver)
25. Monstre Sacre (Lake Ruth & Listening Center)
26. Wander (Seeland)
27. I-Man Transport (Dymaxion)
28. The Outsider (The Soundcarriers)
29. Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour (Os Mutantes)
30. L'Ultimo (Ennio Morricone)

Monday, July 27, 2020

The Lightning Back

(Compiled and posted from 40,000 feet)
w/ Jane Weaver, Can, Egg, Gwenno, Cybotron, Moon Wiring Club, Cavern Of Anti Matter, Soft Machine, Eno Moebius & Roedelius, Hawkwind, Stereolab, Broadcast, Fenella, Mordy Laye & The Group Modular, Gila, Dieter Moebius, Hatfield & The North, Magnetic Systems, Hans Joachim Roedelius, Faust, Harmonia, Goblin, Gilbert Deflez, + more

This show really was compiled/created from 40,000 on a flight from Florida to Oakland. 

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Ballet Dans L'Espace

A library music mix.

Library etc. tracks w/ Claude Perraudin, I Gres, Fabio Fabor, Dominique Guiot, Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennett, Yan Tregger & Pierre Devevey, Geoff Bastow, Vic Flick, Jacky Giordano, Astral Sounds, Magnetic Systems, Mario Molino, Janko Nilovic, Joy Unlimited, Jean Pierre Decerf, Francis Monkman, Frank McDonald & Terry Devine-King, Milan Pilar Group, Brian Dee, Andrew Jackman, Oscar Rocchi, Julian Nott, William Gum-Boot & Lawrence Wiffin, + many more.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Morricone Mix

In tribute to the maestro, who recently passed away, I created a mix of some of my favorite Morricone tracks.  It leans a bit into the ethereal / dreamy (because of course it does), but hopefully someone will find it as enjoyable as I do.  (My favorite Morricone soundtrack, incidentally, is Citta Violenta - Violent City in the US - which has an amazing soundtrack and is actually a pretty good movie.)

Glasshouse Green Splinter Red

w/ The Smoke, The Groop, The Soundcarriers, Dino, Desi & Billy, Sunshine Company, Quarteto Em Cy, Fairport Convention, Broadcast, The Kinsmen, The Superimposers, Stereolab, Chocolate Watchband, 50 Foot Hose, Death And Vanilla, France Gall, The United States Of America, Modular, West Coast Consortium, The Left Banke, The High Llamas, The Dragons, Sonny Bono, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Doug Randle, The Pawnshop, Executive, The New Wave, +