Sunday, July 23, 2017

Electric Rainbow

Lost in space; No real desire to be found.
1. Sven Grunberg - "Avamaeng"
2. Geoff Bastow - "Tomorrow's City"
3. Mike Vickers - "Surf Rider"
4. Tony Hymas - "Final Inspection"
5. Jacques Siroul - "Midway"
6. Anthony Hobson - "Vega"
7. Sven Libaek - "...And Beyond"
8. Sauveur Mallia - "Double Polygone"
9. Alexander Goldschieder - "Astral Planes III"
10. Alan Hawkshaw - "Sky 2"
11. Brian Bennett - "Electric Rainbow"
12. Suzanne Ciani - "Birth Of Venus"
13. Sven Grunberg - "Valged Hommikud"
14. Mister K ("The Synthesizer") - "NASA Answering Service"
15. Francis Monkman - "New Technology"
16. Farlocco - "Superpotenza"
17. Richard Hewson - "Deserted Starship"
18. Wolfgang Kafer - "Transponder"
19. James Asher - "Forgotten Time Cycle"
20. Rick Miller - "Future Directions"
21. Sven Grunberg - "Teekond"
(Of a spacious beautiful electronics vibe, though not without beats and darker shades ; "Part 1 of 2"; Some tracks used in other mixes but fit here too well to not use)

That qualification above speaks to the fact that a few of these tracks were on other mixes.  Which is something I actually do fairly often with a song here or there.  I remember years ago knowing what "the rules of a mixtape" were - I think the book "High Fidelity," which I was maybe 19 when I read it, lays some out there as well; Don't use the same band twice; Start with an exciting/surprising/whatever song as a sort of mission statement and then have some cooling off songs so you can place another surprising/exciting/intense song after that so it has more impact etc. etc.  And if you're making multiple mixes, don't use the same song more than once.  I remember thinking I couldn't use a song, even if it fit, because I used it once.  I have a massive collection - why would I need to use a song twice?  Makes it seem like I don't have any new ideas or much of a collection or imagination.  Sod that - sometimes it just works.  I generally look at each mix as its own entity.  If it makes sense to use a song that I already used, who cares.  Hell, a lot of the time I don't always remember what I used before and getting forensic about it and going back through older mixes is boring to me.  I don't generally plan these out.  I might have an idea - for this, it was electronic library music, generally from the early to mix 80s with some 70s, and with a few great non-library tracks in there that fit (this was not meant to be a library mix; it ended up heavy in that direction).  With this, I really, listening to a playlist that I had and had drawn from for some other spacey mixes, I found the beauty and, for lack of a better word, flow of them to work wonders for me.  I wanted to make a mix like that.  I'm going for a vibe here, and at the end of the day I want the mix to be something I want to listen to myself.  It's great to end up on charts and have people listen and send me very lovely and sometimes quite touching messages, but if Mixcloud didn't exist, I'd be doing this anyway.  Why did I go off on this hunk here?  I don't remember.  But I very much like this mix.
I had a lot of tracks set aside, and I ended up separating a lot of them into two "piles."  This mix is much more of a spacey, "relaxed spacious" (to steal the title of a song) vibe.  There are beats and some more "exciting" things woven in, but mostly this one I wanted to be much more of a slow, floaty ride.  It works very much for me - the first half hour or so of it contains some of what I would not hesitate to claim is some of the most absolutely beautiful library music ever made (I'd probably even take the "library" out of that statement, especially with Cianni and Grunberg - who more people really should investigate!).  I hope this mix is enjoyed by some.  As always, feel free to get in touch for whatever.  

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