Thursday, July 20, 2017

More Charts!

I now feel valid and important in the world - I am back up to five mixes on the charts.  (And those five mixes are on eight charts total.)  That's just pants - the pool of mixes must be small for me to be in there.

You're 19th in the Psychedelic chart!
Mount Hopeless is now 19th in the Psychedelic chart and 41st in the Downtempo chart.
Cosmosis is now 21st in the Experimental chart and25th in the Psychedelic chart.
Ticker-Tape Of The Unconscious is now 27th in thePsychedelic chart and 50th in the Downtempo chart.
I Was is now 33rd in the Psychedelic chart.
My Death is now 36th in the Psychedelic chart.

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