Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Reality Testing

I have got to get better at keeping this blog updated; I also have to make it more than just re-posting mixes from Mixcloud.  I have ideas of some things I'd like to do, with so little time.  That's not really true, I do have time.  Anyways, a few new mixes:


There's a story to this one and the name is a clue to that.  Years ago, I was a teacher.  I only taught for a year; When summer break arrived, I found out two things: I am absolutely incapable of maximizing my time off - no trips or productive or even fun time off; and, you don't get paid over the summer - your salary doesn't include the summer break, you're just supposed to budget it out.  I'm an idiot and not terribly responsible, so I had to do some real twisting to pay rent over the summer.  During this time I suffered pretty severe insomnia so I decided to try lucid dreaming.  I'd tried it as a kid but it freaked me out.  It still freaked me out as an adult, but a lot of the rituals around it were fascinating.

The songs on this mix were chosen based on my sleep - if I wake up in the night with a song stuck in my head, I wrote it down.  If I fall asleep listening to music - happens pretty often - I will try to recall the last song I remember as I fell asleep, and I would also noted the songs that I woke up to.  If a song appeared in a dream, I would write it down.  Over a few weeks I had enough for a mix.  I don't think that context really matters to the mix, but for the 7 people reading this (I'm actually pretty sure that number is correct), maybe someone will be interested or, at the very least, bored.

Any questions, request for an mp3 of the mix, etc., please ask.

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