Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I don't know how this is determined, I don't know what the rubric is or how many people each mix is competing with, but I find this pretty insane and kind of hilarious:

Walk On, Buy is now 20th in the Experimental chart,22nd in the Psychedelic chart, 83rd in the Jazz chart and 98th in the Electronic chart.
Cosmosis is now 28th in the Experimental chart and32nd in the Psychedelic chart.
Mount Hopeless is now 30th in the Psychedelic chart and 62nd in the Downtempo chart.
My Death is now 31st in the Folk chart.
I Was is now 42nd in the Folk chart.

Maybe there's something to overdoing it!  Though I think I have a sort of niche "listener base" (oh God) and I fear that the more I do, the less people listen to them just out of time commitment.  It is a bit hilarious to me that I can have five mixes on the "charts."  These charts are probably suspect.


Here's today's:

Mount Hopeless is now 23rd in the Psychedelic chart and 51st in the Downtempo chart.
Cosmosis is now 24th in the Experimental chart.
I Was is now 28th in the Folk chart and 49th in thePsychedelic chart.
Ticker-Tape Of The Unconscious is now 50th in thePsychedelic chart and 82nd in the Downtempo chart.

I've gone down in the world.  Only four.  Though two are charting on two charts.  How is this even possible?  Maybe Mixcloud is now slim pickings.  Most of these genres are kind of arbitrary anyway.  But I went from five separate mixes on the chart to now only four.  That's a blow.  I must go do something rash to make myself feel like I still matter.

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