Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Coming Down

Psych! Funk! Progressive! French pop! Etc.!

1. Modular - Femme Fatale
2. April March - No Parachute
3. Jane Birkin - Jane B
4. The Galaxy Electric - Temporal
5. Karin Krog - Don't Just Sing
6. Broadcast - Papercuts
7. Julian's Treatment - Cycles
8. The City - Snow Queen
9. Wendy & Bonnie - Paisley Window Pane
10. Fifty Foot Hose - Rose
11. Death And Vanilla - California Owls
12. Hong Kong In The 60s - Footsteps
13. Mireille Darc - Hélicoptère
14. Heather Jones - Can O Dristwch
15. United States Of America - Coming Down
16. Mandy More - If Not By Fire
17. Jane Weaver - Stealing Gold

This feels a little like return to form in some ways.  I quite like this mix, and a very nice person said it was their favorite yet and all kind of nice things (and again here I will plug that gentleman's Mixcloud, which is pretty different from mine but it is an absolute blast and incredibly well done).

The story behind this mix, which is pretty slight: I was listening to my iPod on shuffle and about four songs in a row came on featuring women artists singing songs kind of badmouthing other women, which we all know is that is a man's job!  (Kidding.)  I thought it was interesting to have The City (fronted by a young Carole King) singing "Ice Queen."  I also adore the April March song - something about her vocal delivery is kind of weirdly manic and snotty in this song, and she pronouncing some stuff very interestingly) and I really love Modular's cover of "Femme Fatale." I hope you enjoy it!  mp3 available by request.

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