Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mount Hopeless

Oh God, not another one?!  This may as well be "Cosmosis Part 2" but I try to hover around an hour on these.  And I quite like this one.  That's dumb to say - I quite like them all.  (The ones I find I don't like, I delete!)


1. Stereolab - "Contronatura"
2. The Dragons - "Sunset Scenery"
3. B. J. Ward - "I Don't Know Where I'm Going"
4. Peggy Lipton - "Wear Your Love Like Heaven"
5. Tara King Th. - "The Hum And The Hiss"
6. Beautify Junkyards - "Rainbow Garland"
7. My Bloody Valentine - "Is This And Yes"
8. Melody's Echo Chamber - "Mount Hopeless"
9. Angelillo & Hamel - "Je Veux Te Dire Une Chanson"
10. Heather Trost - "Agina"
11. King Crimson - "Matte Kudasai"
12. Virna Lindt - "Underwater Boy"
13. Mariah - "We Are The Same"

It goes a bit pear shaped at the end, perhaps - never thought I'd put King Crimson out there (and 80s King Crimson!), but I love that song and what the hell, it fits.  The end goes a bit 80s.  This one actually, now that I look at it, is a bit more modern than usual - only three tracks prior to 1980 (I'm actually not entirely sure what year the Angelilo & Hamel track is from - will have to refresh my memory later).  I don't necessarily plan any of these out very meticulously or anything unless I've a specific theme in mind.

As I said, I've been obsessed with Virna Lindt.  If you've not heard the album Shiver, get thee to where ever (it's pretty available on CD or electronically; an LP will cost you).  I've also been obsessed with The Dragons (aka Daryl Dragon, Dennis Dragon, and Doug Dragon), which you'll know from an old post I was already obsessed with and didn't even realize it.  More on that story hopefully soon.

If you'd like an mp3, want to tell me I'm doing way too many of these and need to chill, tell me I suck, have any questions - let me know!!!

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