Sunday, July 23, 2017



You're 16th in the Psychedelic chart!
Mount Hopeless is now 16th in the Psychedelic chart and 34th in the Downtempo chart.
My Death is now 23rd in the Folk chart and 25th in the Psychedelic chart.
I Was is now 26th in the Folk chart and 26th in the Psychedelic chart.
Ticker-Tape Of The Unconscious is now 44th in the Downtempo chart.
Electric Rainbow is now 79th in the Experimental chart.

I am on the Psychedelic chart three times and the "Downtempo" chart twice.  Five mixes (the last five - I wonder if they limit it to five?).  The only reason I put "Downtempo" as a tag sometimes is because the mix in question probably qualified for that description but also because as an OCD person I have to give it five tags since that is what they allow.  I can't have only four.  Doesn't fee right.  Brain cooties.  But how many people am I competing with?  I wonder what the numbers are for total mixes.  I mean, I'm 34th and 44th on the Downtempo chart, which means there are at least 42 other mixes with that tag.  Out of 100 would be my guess.  I don't want to do too much digging there because I don't want to burst what flimsy ego bubble I have.  (Ha ha.)

My favorite detail here is that on the Psychedelic chart, I am 25th and 26th.  With two mixes that I would consider to be twinned or companion-mixes.  Nice.  Speaking of companions...

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