Monday, August 21, 2017

You Never Come Closer

1. Shining, Really Brightly (Ian Neal)
2. Gånglåt Från Ovanåker (Merit Hemmingson)
3. Blackouts (Ash Ra Tempel)
4. H_A_K (Jane Weaver)
5. If You Had The Key (Moon Wiring Club)
6. Spiral (Vangelis)
7. Contact (Brigitte Bardot)
8. Tintin On Est Bien Mon Loulou (Aquaserge)
9. You Never Come Closer (Doris)
10. Des Étoiles Électroniques (Stereolab)
11. Sombre Woods (Karin Krog)
12. Le Petit Casino (Claude Perraudin)
13. Cradle Of Time (Pierre Arvay)
14. Emphatic Yet Melodic (Imitation Electric Piano)
15. Komische Musik (Modular)
16. Soko Kara (Mariah)
17. Stranger (Julian's Treatment)

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