Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Further Starry Wisdom

1. Allas Sak (Dungen)
2. Clerk 3 (Patten)
3. The Way Will Be Opening (Stereolab)
4. Cloud Control (Pye Corner Audio and The Advisory Circle)
5. Nocturnal Lullaby (Sven Libaek)
6. 6th Chapter - Altarra Princess (Julian's Treatment)
7. Until Then (Broadcast)
8. TNT (Takemura Remix) (Tortoise)
9. Further Starry Wisdom (The Advisory Circle)
10. Adventures In A Miniature Landscape (Belbury Poly)
11. The Fallen By Watchbird (Edit/Remix) (Jane Weaver)
12. Cast Adrift (The Greg Foat Group)
13. Concerto For Philodendron & Pothos (Mort Garson)
14. Medioid (Tremblexy)
15. Dissolve In Sepia (Derek Austin)
16. How Is It (The Moody Blues)

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