Monday, August 21, 2017

The Garden Was A Picture

1. Loosing Of The Shadow (Emerald Web)
2. Hollywood (Cluster)
3. Beam Me Up (Gloria)
4. A Year And A Day (Belbury Poly)
5. Rock Baby In Meadow (Magical Power Mako)
6. Salt & Sand (Pram)
7. Outside (Tremblexy)
8. Timed (Klaus Weiss)
9. Active Outcome (Simon Park)
10. Dia Fotos (Patten)
11. She (Ian Neal)
12. Silver Chord (Jane Weaver)
13. Tender Buttons (Broadcast)
14. Missing Familiar (Moon Wiring Club)
15. Kismet (Ash Ra Tempel)
16. Emphasis (Harald Grosskopf)
17. A B C Ch D (Gwenno)
18. Gammal Jämtländsk Brudmarsch (Merit Hemmingson)
19. Seeds (Le Futur Pompiste)
20. Like A Place In The Sun (Brainticket)

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