Monday, August 21, 2017

Walk From Your Dream To Mine

1. Egyptian Kings (Brainticket)
2. L'erba di Prima (Orgasmo Sonore)
3. Illumination (Broadcast)
4. Laila Pt. 2 (Agitation Free)
5. La Dame Aux Tarots (Claude Perraudin)
6. Loops In The Secret Society (Jane Weaver)
7. Anthem Y Weriniaeth Newydd (Gwenno)
8. Love Beams (Patten)
9. Casa Forte (Isabelle Aubret)
10. Night Thieves (Tremblexy)
11. Rituals (Death And Vanilla)
12. La Réciprocité (The New Lines)
13. Isi (Neu!)
14. Rosa (Cluster)
15. Fur Luise (Eno, Moebius, Roedelius, Plank)
16. Citadel (Ian Neal)

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