Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Superpotenza (Rotary Library Mix)

Second in my "series" of library & production music label specific mixes, this one is the Rotary library, which is mostly Amedeo Tommasi and Sandro Brugnolini under various guises.  It is a small library with only seven releases (with uniform cover art I really quite like), and goes from 8-bit-esque mutant jazz to some beautiful and amazing experimentalist and atmospheric pieces.  I quite like this little library, though I'm not sure how many people will sit through this one.  Give it a whirl!

Second in my series of specific library & production music labels: A mix of works from the small Rotary Library ( - quirky, electronic (sometimes almost "8-bit-esque") jazz, occasionally cheesy, with moments of transcendent beauty and experimentalism.
1. Campo Lungo
2. Depressione
3. Superpotenza (2)
4. Sabbia al Sole
5. Tensione Statica
6. Paricolo Uno
7. Quadrangolo
8. Sensazioni d' Estate
9. Feeling
10. Superpotenza (1)
11. Fantapolitica
12. Abbandoni
13. Sotto Sforzo
14. Marciapiedia Milano
15. Venezia
16. Spleen
17. Lavoro Sereno
18. Lavoro Veloce
19. Aflogelia
20. Campo Lungo (2)
21. Superpotenza (1)

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