Thursday, August 31, 2017

Locked In Haze

Another mix?!  Yes.  Hey, they're only an hour.  You've got time.  At the moment I'm slightly in a holding pattern with a few things, but I'm listening to music of course, and that at the moment equals mixes.  I've got a couple of things coming up, but I'm not 100% the master of my own destiny in some things, let's say, so I'm on standby, but I'm not tired of these mixes yet and I hope you - whoever you are, *if* you are - are not tired of them either.  This one's good.

1. Borogroves (National Health)
2. Franks Kaktus (Dungen)
3. Errance (Aquaserge)
4. Kitten Kind (The Boss Music)
5. Down Home (Simon Park)
6. The Blue Brook (Don Harper)
7. Ultime Luci (Rino de Filippi)
8. Johanneslust (Eno, Moebius & Roedelius)
9. So Far (Faust)
10. Causeway Ballet (The Advisory Circle)
11. Sova (Dungen)
12. Strobo Acceleration (Stereolab)
13, Didball (High Llamas)

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