Monday, August 21, 2017

Explode Like A Star

1. Kosmos (Thomas Luck)
2. Dogs In The Sky (Testbild!)
3. Fugitivos Cósmicos (Modular)
4. Irradiated Dream Mouth (Cavern Of Anti-Matter)
5. An Hour Is Sixty Minutes Too Long (Imitation Electric Piano)
6. Over The Horizon Radar (Boards Of Canada)
7. Glaubersalz (Roedelius)
8. He's There Waiting (Ralph Carmichael)
9. St Elmo's Fire (Spatio-Dynamic) (Uilab)
10. J'entends des Voix (April March & Aquaserge)
11. Runner! (Ian Neal)
12. Solar Diamond (Cavern Of Anti-Matter)
13. The Belldog (Eno Moebius Roedelius)
14. Modern Kosmology (Jane Weaver)
15. Krautrock (Orgasmo Sonore)
16. Veilchenwurzeln (Hans Joachim Roedelius)
17. No More Rainy Days (Testbild!)
18. From One Source All Things Depend (Boards Of Canada)

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