Monday, August 21, 2017

I Stretch Hoping To Divide

1. Sometimes When I Stretch (April March)
2. Mareld (Testbild!)
3. Evergreen Vampo (High Llamas)
4. Les Yeux Fermes (Aquaserge)
5. Paper Hats (Pram)
6. Refractions In The Plastic Pulse (Part D) (Stereolab)
7. Les choses qu'on ne peut dire à personne (Bertrand Burgalat)
8. You Are Dissolved (Jane Weaver)
9. Bouncy Glimmer (High Llamas)
10. Belka (Testbild!)
11. Cache Coeur Naif (Mouse On Mars)
12. Lights Out (Broadcast)
13. Jazzed Carpenter (High Llamas)
14. Swung From The Gutters (Tortoise)
15. ... (Testbild!)
16. Sybarite (April March & Aquaserge)

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