Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Troisième (Near Mint "outtakes")

Songs that did not make my recent "guest DJ" stint on Near Mint, for one reason or another. I thought the closest runners-up might make an interesting mix in itself.  

It runs a little on the long side but my inner editor was not fully engaged - and, since being asked to guest DJ the show with the brief being "the weirder and more obscure, the better," it led me to pulling out some stuff I'd not dug up in a while (including some things I thought I'd lost along the way).  (I also found I could have gone far weirder but I didn't want to ruin someone else's show completely - just a little bit.)  Hopefully you'll enjoy this adjunct, parallel-universe bizzaro mix tape, put together with Mr Robin the Fog's blessing (and seriously, check out his website and the most excellent Howlround, and of course Resonance FM, which has more outstanding shows - ALL available as podcasts - than they should be allowed, really - one can't keep up with all of it!)


2002: A Hit Song (The Free Design)
Highly Illogical (Mr. Spock)
UFO (Pink Lady)
Strong Electro-Magnetic Waves (Tomita)
Spaceport (Toomorrow)
Spaceman (Beast)
Interlude (Lord Buckley, "The Hip Einie" exerpt)
Electrocation of Fire-Ants (Turn On)
Machines (Lothar and The Hand People)
Building (Chevrolet)
Mr Freeze (N Hefti)
Love Today, Cry Tomorrow (C Stapleton)
I Love All the Love In You (B Crewe & C Fox)
Glowin' (Dr John)
Hippy Version of the 23rd Psalm (J Rydgren)
Light My Fire (B Auger & J Driscoll)
Program 10, Pt 6 (Dreamies)
Little Green Bag (Jerry Ross Symposium)
Waiting for the Gold (Supercasanova)
The LS Bumblebee (Cook & Moore)
The Riddler (F Gorshin)
Barnabas (Vampire State Building)
Moontown (Lucia Pamela)
The Transformed Man (W Shatner)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Earth (L Nimoy)

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