Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Two mixes in two days?!  What, am I spending all of my free time laying in bed with synthesizers and my external drive with all of my music on it?  Yes, yes I am.

This one is a bit more coherent than the last.

Wistful melancholy; Oncoming rush of Autumnal emotion; Endings and beginnings
Library music of the 70s and 80s.
1 Birth of the Universe (A Baker/R Morgan/P Jackson)
2. Wind Surf Ballad (Dominique Guiot)
3. End of a Summerlove (Milan Pilar Group)
4. Eternity (A Hawkshaw)
5. Round (Yan Tregger & Pierre Devevey)
6. A New World (Brian Bennett)
7. Girl on a Bike (Brian Dee)
8. Rainy Road
9. Tomorrow's Dream (Geoff Bastow)
10. Tuned Waves (John Fiddy & Norman Chandler)
11. Station Farewell (Vic Flick)
12. Starlight (Francis Monkman)
13. Fathoms (Frank McDonald & Terry Devine-King)
14. Melancholy Moog (John Fiddy & Norman Chandler)
15. Lisbeth (Oscar Rocchi)
16. Ripples (Julian Nott)
17. Dusk (Jacky Giordano)
18. Bucolic (William Gum-Boot & Lawrence Wiffin)
19. Mistral (Astral Sounds)
20. Surrealism (Andrew Jackman)

It looks like I may have a new source for the downloading of the mix, but it's uploading extremely slow.  So, maybe a link eventually?  If you really must have a download, there are a number of ways to just rip the mix - but hopefully I can provide one for possible future peoples who may read this one day--certainly no one now is reading this!

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