Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Near Mint guest mix!

I was honored to be asked to "DJ" a two-part set for the wonderful Resonance FM radio show Near Mint hosted by my friend Robin the Fog - here is the first part!  (The second part will be on the radio - THE RADIO! - next Tuesday at 1pm EST / 6pm UK time - you can listen live on Resonance FM, but of course a podcast version will be posted afterward.)

A special thanks to Robin for inviting me to do this (with the brief of "make it weird," so hopefully I lived up to that within reason - I also tried to make it somewhat American-centric, if that makes sense; as an Anglophile, it would be very easy for me to make a mix of music from the UK or Europe, which is likely the majority of my record collection).  Please visit Robin's wonderful site and check out all of the wonderful things he does, of which there are many.

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