Tuesday, November 15, 2016

God bless YouTube - of course someone would have uploaded chunks of MTV's show Amp, which I would watch in the middle of the night when I was 13; some of it is a bit dodgy now I suppose, but nostalgia. Also, that Ken Ishii song and video hold up.

One thing I always quite loved about the show was the way it almost felt stream of consciousness; in my memory, which these clips are proving to be mostly false, they didn't necessarily tell you right off when they were on to a different song.
Besides the Ishii video, the one I remember most was Future Sound of London's "Max," which is still a gorgeous piece of music that completely holds up. (Future Sound of London, in my opinion, are one of the great unsung acts; they get lumped in with "techno" from their first album, which was dance-y, but Lifeforms and Dead Cities are far beyond anything most other electronic acts were doing. They should be mentioned much more often.)

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