Monday, November 14, 2016

From Way Out

I'm incredibly late here, but of course Jean-Jacques Perrey died recently. (The day he passed, I was in hospital, and the days immediately following weren't very good, so I blame that somewhat.) Obviously Perrey's influence in music, especially electronic music (and rock and pop groups incorporating electronics into their music), cannot be overstated. I was somehow Facebook friends with the man - just one of those automatic things I suppose - and he was, to the end, extremely vibrant and full of life and clearly loved what he did and what he got to do. A life very well lived. If James Brown is The Godfather of Soul, Jean-Jacques Perrey is The Godfather of Electronic. Some of my favorites - I still quite enjoy the wonderful oddity that is Mr. Ondioline:

I will always return to Perrey-Kingsley's The In Sound From Way Out, it's just utter perfection and madness:

I really love the library music he produced, and he actually did a good few, like Moog Sentations on the Editions Montparnasse 2000 label:

Or an album called Moog Mig Mag Moog, also for Montparnasse, which is delightfully bonkers:

And lastly, one that I don't think gets mentioned enough but that I quite thoroughly enjoy:

To bring a Broadcast connection into this, here's a lovely picture of Trish Keenan having a chat with Perrey:

Rest in pease, Mr Perrey. I know angels generally play harps; I hope an exception is made in this case and you get a Moog.

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