Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Near Mint mix part 2

The second part of my mix for my good friend Robin The Fog's radio show Near Mint on Resonance FM.  A big thanks once again for the honor of being asked to contribute.  Here's a tracklist if you're interested:

1. Intro (The Beach Pick-Up - Eric Weber)
2. You Never Come Closer - Doris
3. Speech Exercises: Trees and Flowers - The Children of the Italia Conte School
4. Alibi Annie - Trifle
5. Robot de Janeiro - Jean-Jacques Perrey and Daniel Longhein
6. A King Size Drag - Supercasanova
7. It's the Going Thing - Ford Motor Company
8. Puella! Puella! (Woman! Woman!) - Man
9. Sexy Mood - Daniel White
10. Weather Girl - Dr. Hooker

I remain ultra-flattered and hopefully Robin's show will recover from my abuse.  And please check out his website as he does nothing but wondrous things - too many, in fact.

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