Monday, November 14, 2016

I Am Going to Set Myself on Fire

Here is an interesting bit of business posted by the wonderful Starving Daughter's Vinyl Impressions blog - the wonderfully named artist/group I Am Going to Set Myself On Fire (which is about how I and probably many other people are feeling right about now), with an album called The Challenge of the Salt, which, I don't know, but this song in particular is quite good:

He's generous enough to offer up the entire album for download - and there's many more where that came from; seriously good stuff on offer there, I highly recommend checking out that blog.  The album is one I'd never remotely heard of, and has an interesting pedigree which I'll leave it to you to click the link above and read it from that blog directly.  The album is a mixture of songs with vocals - which I don't particularly think work all that well, but it's not horrible - and then instrumental versions.  The track above it my favorite of the lot, but it's a nice oddity that's worth checking out - and then check out the other extremely generous offerings of that wonderful blog.  Now excuse me, I am going to set myself on fire.

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