Friday, June 2, 2017


In space!
1. Alan Hawkshaw - Eternity
2. Toomorrow - Spaceport
3. Paul Shaw & Dave Rogers - Cloud Hopping
4. Bernard Fevre - Cosmic Rays
5. Brian Bennett - Discovery
6. Emerald Web - The Dragon's Gate
7. Electronic Butterflies And Their Synthesizer Orchestra - Skylab
8. Jean-Pierre Decerf - The Orion Belt
9. Georges Vert - Pegasus Dub
10. Williams & Grossart - Shining Ice
11. Brian Hodgson - Cathedral of Space
12. Alan Hawkshaw - Astral Plain
13. 101 Strings - Barrier X-69
14. Tom Dissevelt - Orbit Aurora
15. The Apartment - Viva La Urano!
Lots of mixes in the past few weeks.  I have two more up that I will post here now.  Clearly I'm getting something out of my system.  This one was made just because I've been listening to a lot of 80s library music, as well as having Emerald Web on repeat and listening to the soundtrack to the awful Olivia Newton John film Toomorrow, which has one absolutely killer track on the soundtrack (the rest of it is pretty good too - skip the film, though, or save it for a D-movie night).  At first I wasn't even going to post this as it was made in the middle of the night for me.  I ended up getting a pretty good response to it.  

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