Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Portals And Parallels

This mix is a bit of an odd duck and got eaten by Mixcloud when I tried to post it a while back - I thought it'd posted, but I later saw an error to do with my connection or some such. It is one I wasn't quite sure about to begin with, so I just let it be.

Apparently it got seen by some people as it went up and back down again, and I thought perhaps I could just post it here (as I've moved past it as far as my shows on Mixcloud go - in fact, the "space trilogy" were done, except for most of the first one, at the same time and then split up - I do these as close to "live" as possible - so until the mix I posted yesterday that I will be posting here as soon as I'm done writing this, I was posting mixes that were, for me, in the past; I'm not sure if that makes any sense but, there you have it).

So: Here, to listen to or download if you so wish, is a mix that I titled Portals And Parallels. It has a theme which I hope will be pretty apparent as it goes along.

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