Thursday, June 8, 2017

Space Nocturno

Third (and final?) in the "space trilogy." A past vision of the future. 70's/80's electronics, ambient, space disco, beautiful synths and spacey beats. With Emerald Web, Harry Forbes, Unit Eight, Alan Hawkshaw, Boneschi, Paul Hart, Mladen Franko, Tony Hymas, and many more.

I quite like this one - it is probably my favorite of the three.  Which are linked, of course, simply by having space in the title.  This one is pretty much entirely library music, with the exception of - I'm pretty sure - one single track; the other two mixes were majority library, but with tracks from Moog records or weird sci-fi soundtracks etc. in there as well.  This one is all-in on library music, and specifically late 70s to early-to-mid 80s.  Bruton and KPM are featured most heavily here (where I had quite a bit of Chappell in the other two, specifically from the AV series), with some from Parry and CAM and the like as well.  It's also the longest, and features 30 tracks (!), and I'm going to be a bit coy with a tracklisting for this one.  I'm proud of these, I quite like this one in particular, and clearly I'm once again getting something out of my system.  I've been shifting a bit into some other stuff so we'll see what comes next.  

Hopefully, though, it won't just be another mix.  Some things are moving forward in my project and I might have something to share of that, though it'll be cryptic and anticlimactic I'm sure.  It's coming along.  

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