Friday, May 26, 2017

Born To Lose

Film music, themes and some cues, in a mostly 'pop' vein (running from rock to jazz to funk to experimental and psych), primarily 1960s. Myers, Schifrin, Montenegro, Mancini, etc. etc. with some rarities and surprises (hopefully).

Two mixes in one week!  I try to do a mix once a week.  I didn't do one the week before.  So now I've done two.  Really, this root idea of it came about because I'd been trying to fit in Jackie Lee's "Born To Lose" (how did Jackie Lee not ever do a Bond song? She's fabulous) - which is from a film called Robbery that I've not seen but the soundtrack by Stanley Myers is pretty great - but the song didn't fit on any other mixes.  I also went on a bit of a Scott Walker bender recently and remembered The Walker Brothers had done a pretty blatant (though really quite good) Bond theme rip off for the "spy spoof" film Deadlier Than The Male, which is near the top of my list of favorite spy spoof/spy craze films (the life-size chess match scene is in my opinion a Bond imitator doing Bond better than Bond).  I was also listening to Henry Mancini's sublime soundtrack to a forgotten film called Me, Natalie, which is, I believe, Al Pacino's first credited role?  I've seen the film, it's pretty good, but the soundtrack is wondrous.  The track "Free!" is one I've gravitated to for decades, and if someone pressed me hard to pick what I would consider to be the most beautiful piece of music I've ever heard, I might choose "Free!"  Which also links this mix to the other one in that I used the song there as well.  Basically I was listening to a lot of 60s soundtracks that were of a certain kind and here you are.  Sometimes these mixes are actually rather personal, or at least start off that way, so it's fun to do one like this which was just a very fun dive into 1960s soundtracks (most of them European, of course).  I like this one very much and I might have to do a sort of "part 2" at some point with all the songs I didn't get to use.  If nothing else, it's a blast to put Lynn Redgrave doing "While I'm Still Young" on a mix.

I purposely left a tracklist off of this one, but of course if anyone wants to know a track or a copy of the mix just get in touch.

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