Monday, August 8, 2016

We Built Our Own World

Seal and Main Title (Robinson Crusoe on Mars) - Nathan van Cleave
Main Title (The Black Hole) - John Barry
The Sun is but a Morning Star - Shane Carruth
Is That What Everybody Wants? - Cliff Martinez
Opening Sequence (Doppelganger) - Barry Gray
Prelude (Vertigo) - Bernard Herrmann
The Mountain - Jerry Goldsmith
Clara - Murray Gold
We Built Our Own World - Hans Zimmer
Total Logic - Jerry Goldsmith
Total Recall - Jerry Goldsmith
Prelude / Outer Space - Bernard Herrmann
Will She Come Back? - Cliff Martinez
Sleeping Astronauts / Strange Planet - Barry Gray
Mr Spock / Contrary Order - Gerald Fried
The Dark Side of the Moon - Barry Gray
End Credits Cue (2010: The Year We Make Contact) - David Shire
The Barrier - Jerry Goldsmith
The Hair Color - Bernard Herrmann
A Young Forest Growing Up Under Your Meadows - Shane Carruth
Unquestioned Answers - Johnny Mandel
Episode Titles (Where No Man Has Gone Before) - Alexander Courage
Into The Hole - John Barry
Finale - Bernard Herrmann
We Don't Have to Think Like That Anymore - Cliff Martinez
A Sullen Rush and Roar - Shane Carruth
Time - Hans Zimmer
007 and Counting - John Barry
Stardate - Alexander Courage


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