Friday, August 26, 2016

How to Ask Questions of the Dark and Understand the Answers

Scott Walker - Rawhide
Pram - Little Scars
Henk Badings - Arioso
Dreamies - Program Ten, Part Two
The Focus Group - Skipping Spooks
Broadcast - The Sacred Marriage
The Meteors with Screaming Lord Sutch - My Daddy is a Vampire
Albert Elms - Speedlearn Broadcast (or, Electro-Mind)
Brainticket - Egyptian Kings
The Rotary Connection - Amen
Steve Gray - The Open Door
Arthur Brown - Child of My Kingdom
Barry Adamson - Checkpoint Charlie
Pye Corner Audio - The Narrow Path
Man - Puella! Puella!
Peter Howell and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop - The Magenta Court
Mike Steiphenson - Dreams
Jane Weaver - The Fallen By Watchbird
The Focus Group - Frumious Numinous
The Apartment - Viva la Urano!
Stereolab - Suggestion Diabolique
Howlround - The Resonating Stairwell (excerpt)

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