Monday, December 26, 2016

Saturn in the Summertime

1. Aires - The Zodiac
2. Twenty Feet Behind - Mary Hansen
3. Der Computer Nr. 3 - France Gall
4. Five Separate Wooshes - Imitation Electric Piano
5. Black Noise / Memory Band - Rotary Connection
6. Saturn in the Summertime - Barry Adamson
7. Triggers - April March
8. Beat! - The Karminsky Experience
9. Joyful Grass and Grape - Dorothy Ashby
10. Sexopolis - Jean-Pierre Mirouze
11. Echolalia - Cavern of Anti-Matter
12. Mon P'tit Homme Spatial - Christine Pilzer
13. Firebird - White Noise
14. Pling! - Shuggie Otis
15. All My Life - Ralph Carmichael
16. Destination Omega 3 - Sven Libaek
17. Carousel of the Planets - Perrey-Kingsley
18. Exo-Orbit - Gemma Ray
19. Cache Coeur Naif - Mouse on Mars

I rather like this one. No particular theme.  A 'mood' perhaps.  A bit more...'upbeat' than some recent ones?  Fight off the seasonal effective disorder.  Some very kind person called one of my ye olde mixes (seriously, I've been on mixcloud a long time!) 'one of the best on Mixcloud.'  Subjective, sure, but incredibly flattering; I think this mixtape maybe harkens back to that kind of mix, but with six years of somewhat widened tastes and musical discoveries (seriously, I'm enjoying the new Karminsky album a hell of a lot).

I hope you enjoy the mix.  You can download it here.

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